My new favourite dress - from Humility 1949

Today I took this dress for a walk to the Post Office - like all right thinking people I like to look smart when dealing with my correspondence! I haven't tried it on before and now it is my absolute favourite so I thought I should share with you just why.

  1. Like everyone else on the planet I seem to have gained a few lockdown lumps and bumps, and yet I was able to wear a smaller size than usual. I know its just a label but all psychological boosts are very welcome at the moment.
  2. The top part is made of a really comfy cotton jersey but even with my enhanced silhouette, it wasn't at all clingy.
  3. The genius bit: the lower part of the dress is a crisp cotton poplin. Obviously this looks chic and French and all that La Di Da but most importantly it sort of makes it flow.
  4. So as you are strolling along in the sunshine trying to channel the aforementioned chic La Di Da thing, you don't get it all tangled up between your legs and and up looking shrink-wrapped!
  5. I didn't go with the whole white lipstick look as the model in the photo - I'm really not stylish enough to carry that off! The colour description for this dress is Nesquik and we also have the same dress in Black

This dress is part of our new collection from the French label HUMILITY 1949. I'll admit its not the cheapest summer dress you'll find but the quality of the fabric is tip top and it is made in small units in Italy. With gentle care this dress will probably outlast me, which I think is about as sustainable as you could wish for.

At the moment all our Spring Collection is 25% off. The original price of £129 is now reduced to £97 -  a little more affordable if you like to give yourself a well earned treat! As part of collaboration with the Brilliant Little Brands collective, we are also donating a further 10% of all our sales to charity. Together we have already raised £1400 for Age Uk's Coronavirus Appeal, £1005 for Macmillan and a couple of hundred more in our most recent fundraising: NHS Charities and The Wiltshire Air Ambulance. Please have a look at the website you'll find and amazing 130 other brands who are all giving 10% to charities. Together we really will make a difference.

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